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Christine Leahy,

President and
Chief Executive Officer

CDW’s mission is to provide exceptional technology solutions that help our customers thrive in a changing world. Yet we’re also determined to use our size, influence and reach to help build a better, more equal society.

Our Business Diversity Program is based on partnerships with a huge range of small and diverse firms offering a wide variety of products and services. That’s why we talk about the broader context of business diversity not just supplier diversity. And it’s how we’re helping create economic opportunity, impact and inclusive growth at scale.



In a year that was undoubtedly tough for everyone, especially small and minority-owned businesses, we’re delighted this report makes for such positive reading.

In 2007, when we formalized our Business Diversity Program, CDW facilitated around $359 million of spending with diverse partners. In 2020, that figure grew to $2.6 billion, our highest annual expenditure to date. It means our total spending with small and minority-owned businesses has now reached more than $17 billion. The number of partnerships we have with diverse firms also continues to rise year on year, currently standing at over with more than 1,100. 

Naturally, the impact of our Business Diversity Program is felt most strongly by those partners. The additional sales revenues it creates as well as the customized training and advocacy support we provide are invaluable – especially in uncertain times like these. Yet it also extends much further, creating a powerful multiplier effect of supporting jobs, increasing wages and boosting local economies.

In 2020, despite the adversity of the pandemic, CDW can be extremely proud that we stepped up and made a meaningful difference. At all levels of the organization, we did more than just say the right thing; we did it.

But we also know we’ve got more work to do. As we all continue to experience the social and economic shockwaves of the last year, creating a more equal and diverse society will be key to our collective recovery. For CDW, business diversity has always been a long-term solution, not a short-term trend. And, right now, that commitment has never been more important.

Kristin Malek,

Director, Business Diversity

Mohammed Hussain,

Manager, Supplier Diversity

Our commitment to business diversity is a team effort that starts with our CEO, Christine Leahy, and our executive team. From the top down, we’re all in and we’re all in together.